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Casa Tunes

CasaTunes is a competitively priced Multi Room Audio Distribution System. It is a content rich PC based multi zone audio system with the ability to run up to 48 rooms. Intuitive keypads control all system functionality in each room (or multiple rooms per keypad). It offer a fantastic iPhone / iPod Touch application allowing you to control the zones with CD artwork.

The iPhone app for CasaTunes allows you to control the music in any room, or multiple rooms simultaneously with zone groups. The app has two-way control via wi-fi, which allows you to see what is running in each room as well as the volume and CD artwork. You can even set up timers to activate each room and turn them off at night.

The optional keypads used in each room allow the user to select which input they wish to listen to, adjust the volume, radio station bass and treble, and then change the track playing, enable DND (Do Not Disturb), and turn off all zones in the house. All of these functions are controlled by a beautiful white backlit touch screen. When switched on, the keypads display the current input, volume, track name and progress or channel name. When the zone is turned off the keypad displays the current time.

CasaTunes hardware offers either 6 or 12 room audio servers with the ability to expand up to 48 rooms. The system can run up to 9 sources including simultaneously running up to 3 tracks of a connected iPod in different rooms. You can also choose from music stored on any hard drive on your network, from thousands of internet radio stations, or from external devices plugged into the server. The XLe 12 zone server can control third party devices through the included RS-232 port allowing two way control and feedback (such as digital radio information). The system can use a variety of amplification options. We suggest our Channel Vision range of products, which offer both a 12 channel (6 zone) amplifier as well as 2 channel in room zone amplifiers for more flexibility. All amps have auto power on for each zone to help save power.

This system really is impressive, listen to relaxing music in the bath whilst somebody else in the home is rocking their socks off in the kitchen and the kids are bopping around to their favourite pop tunes in the rumpus, the options are endless! A great system at a margin of the cost of similar products. Casa Tunes – you won’t be disappointed.

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