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Q: I have already installed my TV and equipment but the picture isn’t very clear, what could this be? 
A: It could be your antenna signal which will need to be tested.

Q: I have bought a new smart TV and would like it connected to the internet, how can I do this?                                                     A: First you will need to have internet coming into your home via an internet service provider (isp).  There are many ISPs out there, Optus, Telstra, iinet etc.  Once you have a connection, you can either use your smart TV wirelessly (this can sometimes be slow) or you can                have a data point connection put in near your TV and have the internet hard wired.  If this is possible with access etc, this is the best option. If you are not sure of your options, please give us a call and we'll be happy to advise.

Q: I have just moved into a new house and there are lots of antenna points but only a couple are working, what could be the problem?                                                                                                                                                                                             A: It could be that the ones that aren't working are not connected to the antenna or that the wall plates need changing.  If antenna points are not in use, people have them disconnected from the antenna as this can save them having to have an amplifer to boost the signal because even if you don't have a TV plugged in, any point connected to the antenna will reduce the signal (dbs) at each outlet.  As long as the cabling is intact, its not a problem to connect the points back to the antenna, we do this with a splitter but the more that are connected, depending on your signal, the more chances are that you will need an amplifier to boost your signal.

Q: I have changed my cable to component on my set top box and now I don’t have a picture? 
A: You need to change the output from PAL to YUV.

Q: I would like to have music zones in my house and be able to control them easily, what options to I have?                                  A: Sonos is a multi room audio system and you can either use their free standing speakers or use the Sonos Connect Amp which enables              your existing equipment to be controlled via the Sonos app on your iphone, ipad, ipod etc and this also enables you to play songs from            your itunes library or other subscription music sites.  It gives great flexibility as you can play different music in different zones at the same      time or the same song.

Q: I would like to get the new free channels but don’t have a flat screen digital TV, how can I do this? 
A: You will need to purchase a digital set top box. 

Q: I would like help with my equipment, I’m not sure what sockets on the TV to plug my DVD player and game console into, can you help? 
A: Yes, we do a 'help me' call out and can sort this out for you.

Q: I would like to have my TV on the wall but don’t want the cables to show and my wall is made of concrete, is there anything I can do? 
A: Yes, we supply cable management kits which fit over your cables and can be painted to match your wall colour. They come in 1.2m lengths and in two width sizes. We can also chase a gulley down the concrete to the power socket and place the cables inside and re-plaster the area, but it causes dust and you will need to redecorate the area, but if this is what you want, it’s a clean finish.

Q: Can I have music playing outside but not in the house? 
A: Yes, with the right amplifier, you can have music coming out of various locations within your home as long as you have speakers outside and the right equipment.

Q: I have a TV cabinet with my DVD player, Pay TV box etc inside but don't want to keep the door open everytime I want to change channels. Is there anything I can do?                                                                                                                                       A: Yes, we can install an IR kit which will allow a signal to transmit through the cabinet door.              

Q: We have all the components for our TV in the lounge room, (DVD, Set Top Box & Pay TV) and would like to have all this in our rumpus room but don’t want the expense of buying it all and would like to monitor what is being watched. What are our options?
A: We can install HDMI (Multi Room distribution) which is a matrix switcher and will enable other rooms to watch what equipment you have in the main room although you can only watch the same DVD or Free to air channel as the main room, but if the main room is watching a DVD and the rumpus room would like to watch a free to air/pay TV channel that is possible. But if the main room was watching Free to air and the rumpus room wanted to watch Free to air, they can only watch the same Channel. This service is subject to various factors, please call us on 1300 885 429 to discuss your requirements.

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